What should I do before handing over my device?

Whilst you device is safe with us, we recommend that you back up your data and reset back to the factory settings before handing over for security purposes. Lastly please remove any cases you may have on your device to prevent any loses of your case.

How long does a repair take?

Depending on the repair. Screen repair can take up to 30 mins to repair, other problems may take up to 3 hours to repair. The technician you select on our platform will notify you when the repair will be completed and at what time. Once your device is repaired we will deliver it ASAP.

Does Repatch repair my phone?

No Repatch doesn't repair devices, we only locate repair technicians in your local area & provide the service of picking up your device, drop it off to the technician & delivering your device when fully repaired.

Do the technicians on Repatch, use original repair parts?

Although technicians on our platform are an alternative service to Apple, Samsung ETC, their parts are tested & are OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) .

Do Repatch offer after repair support?

Yes we do, email us at support@repatch.co.uk, call/WhatsApp us on 07475 703912 or DM us on Instagram and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Does the pick up & drop off come with insurance?

Yes, whenever a Repatch driver picks up or drops off (deliver) your device, it will always be insured whiles in transit so in the extremely unlikely event, your device was to get lost you will be covered for up to £500.