About Us

Our Mission:

"To help you preserve your most valuable electronic devices."

Repatch is the practical money-saving solution to the 53 million tons of electronic waste generated worldwide every year. Our customers are fighting climate change by helping to reduce e-waste while supporting their local small businesses.

Due to covid-19 lockdowns and hybrid working, there is greater reliance on the tech we use daily. Not only do supply chain disruptions sometime make it impossible to replace broken tech; doing so would be adding to the mountain of e-waste generated annually and thus contributing to climate change.

Repatch is the fast, convenient, safe, and on-demand service that connects you to expert tech repair specialists in your area. We are tech repair for the web 3.0 generation. Your broken phone, laptop or tablet is collected same day and delivered securely to you once your local tech specialist has repaired it. The easy to use Repatch website and mobile app allows customers to save time and money by showing them quotes from our vast network of verified local tech repair specialist able to repair their device.

The repatch platform provides Safe and Secure pickup; repair and delivery of your damaged or broken tech. The all-around convenient service giving customers clarity on pricing and overall peace of mind. With growing environmental consciousness and a general backlash against big tech and planned obsolescence, repatch will be the go-to-platform for bringing your precious tech back to life; saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.